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Yi Jian Qun

Yi Jian Qun is a Chinese painter whose main mediums are Chinese ink and oil paint . Hailing from Jiang Nan, Yi is known for his floral paintings, particularly featuring the lotus flower. Lotuses are the subject matter by which he explores and contemplates the human condition and its relation to nature. His interest extends to the entire life cycle of the lotus plant, from its budding seeds to its blossoming saplings. 

Yi was educated at the Feidi Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, where he learnt under the tutelage of renown artists such as Wang De Long and Shi Ben Ming. After which, he enrolled in the Jiang Xi Academy of Fine Arts. 

Yi’s art education exposed him to both Classical Chinese Ink painting as well as Western Modern oil paintings,where he drew inspiration in the fusion of East and West to carve out his own unique style. He references these two distinctive mediums in the calligraphic strokes and use of negative space from traditional ink paintings against the vibrant fantasy-like colours and Impressionist blending from Western influence. Such techniques allow him to capture the innate essence and life force of the flower beyond its decorative aesthetic potential. 

Yi’s work has gained acclaim in China, Taiwan and abroad, participating in countless exhibitions. Particular attention is given to his work by other artists who are similarly interested in the “Xieyi 写意” Yi is inspired by. He is currently a member of the Ganzhou City Culture Society. 

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