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Victoria Chia

Victoria Chia Li-Fang (1995-) is a Singaporean artist who specializes in ceramics amidst other mediums. She completed her Degree(Hons.) in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts(NAFA) and Loughborough University, United Kingdom in 2016, during which she gained experience in the wood firing process locally and internationally. After having worked as an art educator at ART:DIS@Bedok (previously known as Very Special Arts Singapore) from 2017 to 2020, she now works as the technical officer for their Ceramic Programme (2020-) so as to have more time for her art practice. Victoria is part of the collective in OCCASIANS LLP, producing ceramic tableware and sculptures of varying materials and they can be found in The Clue-less Goat Speciality Coffee House, Hay Gelato (Katong), The Elephant Room, and Analogue Initiative. Her paintings and drawings have also been exhibited at Percolate Coffee. Victoria is also the admin/co-curator(2019-) for AN OTHER-SPACE LLP and the Vice-Treasurer(2023-) for Sculpture Society (Singapore). Her relationship with art can be likened to the four seasons. In her free time, she tends to her plants and aquatic creatures and enjoys the quiet walks surrounded by nature. Her recent series, Salibowls, are hand pinched repeatedly and with controlled pressure, using her index, middle, and thumb. In a transient state of repeated motion and contact between clay and skeletal form of her fingers, moisture is gradually released as clay takes shape to form Scalibowls. The final forms are governed by the type of clay, mass of clay, and wetness at which the clay was worked on. Coated with in-house glazes, layed on in an abstract expressionist manner, every piece is unique.

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