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Marijke Bohm

Marijke is a photographic artist, originally from Holland, who has spent the past 15 years traveling and residing in countries throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East. She seeks her inspirations through colour and culture.

Through her photography Marijke documents these impressions and experiences by capturing vibrancy, then creating collage style art works that breathe the spirit of the different cultures, atmospheres and people.

"To live in very diverse countries with their own unique colours and cultures is really fascinating and I love trying to discover the soul and spirit of each place. I am inspired by wandering through remote neighbourhoods, discovering small alleys, smelling the different smells, trying different foods and flavours, and meeting with many different people.

2015; Singapore is such a densely populated island filled with buildings to fit everybody in. All these buildings look like abstract building blocks put together by giant children.  All are packed by people, people from different races and cultures, but these giant structures keep getting more and more abstract the more I see them. This abstractness I try to capture in my works."

In her 2015 series Marijke focussed on Singapore’s architecture and housing. In some of her works Marijke combines photography with painting.

Marijke’s 2016 works elaborated on shophouses and peranakan details. Further, she focussed on Singapore as garden city, battling against construction.

Her latest works highlight small elements of daily life in Singapore. Simplicity and a few colours characterize these works.

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