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Terance Chua

Terance is a Singapore artist with a burning passion for the arts. Born in a small kampong village north of Singapore, Terance began experimenting with art by enrolling in the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and further refined his craft at the prestigious Osaka Art College in Japan for 4 years.

A chance meeting in 1994 introduced and mesmerised Terance to the beauty of 3D aquatic life models. Rising to the challenge, he embarked on a three year old journey to Thailand to learn the art of crafting a three dimensional life-like koi.

Favoured in both Chinese and Japanese cultures, the auspicious Koi is a symbol is fortune, prosperity and longevity. The koi swims upstream against the currents, against adversity and brings with it a powerful and energetic life force.

The magnificent Koi can grow to 36 inches long and is favoured amongst businessmen, royalty and dignitaries but few have the luxury of space and time to fully care for one. The challenge of creating life-like koi sculptures took a decade of deliberate practice for Terance Chua. Each koi sculpture painting is fully hand painted in detail. From the background to the modelling of the 3D Koi, Terance integrates his masterpiece onto the frame with real sand, selected stone and pebbles to the addition of the lotus leaf to crown the masterpiece.

From the base color of the painting, the koi size, the color, how the koi swims to the addition of the lotus, Terance customises each painting to turn it into a unique masterpiece that not only brings you special meaning but will be a talking point for family, friends, and visitors.

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