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Marcin Biesek

(b. 1982 Czarna Woda, Poland)

Lived in Kingston upon Hull(UK), lives and works in Singapore. An aspiring Polish artist. Marcin works predominantly in the medium of painting and sculpting. He has been experimenting with sculptures working with different materials such as wood, clay, plaster and stone. Recently creates his sculptures in stone such as Marble, Yorkstone, Granite, Limestone and Onyx. Clay and plaster he uses only to create small maquettes before the actual work in stone. The human figure is his main subject. He does much research to support his style. He likes primitive, ancient, Egyptian but also Renaissance, Modern, Abstract and Contemporary Sculpture. Marcin completed an MFA with distinction at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland in 2007. He moved to Kingston upon Hull (UK) He joined a local art group called the Kingston Art Group and kept touch with the local artists. Living in England for about ten years and mostly was an experimenting sculpture in different materials, and finally, did his first small marble sculptures inspired by Michelangelo and Modern artists like Rodin, Barbara Hepworth and Henri Gaudier- Brzeska. He displayed his marble human figures at Kingston Art Gallery in Hull during the exhibition "Sacred Forms" in 2013. His paintings and sculptures ware selected in the group exhibition at Ferens Art Gallery and took part in group and solo exhibitions in Poland, UK and US and recently he displayed his artworks at Affordable Art Fair in Singapore (2018) and sold his sculpture called "The Obese Thinker." He is interested in contemporary problems like Refuges (Keeping Afloat '2017, obesity (The Obese Thinker '2018) or plastic surgery (Era of Retouching '2016. He created a series of sculptures called "Broken Bodies" which describe his feeling about recent issues, especially bombing the city of Allepo and suffering citizens. The same as sculpture he is passionate about painting. In England, he created about fifty portraits of friends( from England, Kurdistan, Sweden, Poland, US, Brasil...) and family members questioning his own Identity as a Polish immigrant in the European Union before and during "Era of Brexit". He continued his Identity problem in an artwork called: Interacting Heads( series of ceramic faces). He started work on series of artworks (painting/sculptures) called Bystanders where he is revolving around the questions of crisis, struggles of everyday alienation and how we stand as a bystander, watch and read about adversities that take place in various spaces. He was working at Odlings Memorials in Hull. He took part in two Memorial competitions organised by NAMM(National Associations of Memorial Masons)His sculpture called "The Flanders Field" made in 2015 out of marble is displayed in The Victoria Cross Trust Museum at Ashworth Barracks in Doncaster(UK). He also received a Gold Award for a memorial sculpture called "303 Polish Fighter Squadron." In 2018 he moved to Singapore, and he continues his work on Bystanders in the medium of painting and sculpting, organising also art workshop.


2001' Gallery A Starogard Cultural Center in Starogard Gdanski (Poland)

2009' St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in Hull(solo exhibition) 

2010' Hull School of Art and Design Gallery  (group exhibition)

10th Sept. 2010' Studio Eleven -group exhibition ( 

2010' Reveal Open Studios East Riding&Hull

Group Exhibitions 

2011' Exhibition at Middleton Hall, University of Hull. (ceramics group exhibition) 

2011' Connect>Create Exhibition  at Ferens Art Gallery "Head of life"

14th April to 30th May 2011 CSI (Culture Scene Investigation) and ID (Identification) are the inspirational themes for this year; budding art and design students from across the region have created exciting new work from their research into the collections at Hull and East Riding Museum, and the 20th-century portraits at the Ferens Art Gallery. From fashion to games design-(group exhibition)ceramics 

2013' "Sacred Forms" (Kingston Art Group Gallery) 

2015' "The Flanders Field" Victoria Cross Trust 

2016' "Kalina" Princess Quay(group show) 

2017' "The Boy Who Loves Music" Ferens Art Gallery in Hull(UK)- group show

2018' "The Obese Thinker"- Ferens Art Gallery (group show) 

2018' Affordable Art Fair Singapore




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