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Hudi Alfa

Hudi Alfa (b.1969 in Indonesia) is an impressionist, figurative and realist painter. There are some of his paintings with some abstract elements.  I his paintings he likes to adopt direct relations his characters to the surroundings, resulting in artworks that explore various social issues that occur in society today.  Affandi once said that created “fantasy” in his the paintings is a myth. While to bring fantasy in a painting process is considered the same as hunting for something that is akin to superstition. Hudi Alfachuri or Hudi Alfa, born in 1969, is the same as Affandi. Hudi is a painter who paints activities that are far from fantasy. It is evident especially through his creations for the last decade where he uses themes of everyday life reality. His painting that stresses anti-fantasy is “Urban Solitary,” which won as one of the best artworks in UOB Painting of the year 2018. To the artist, the inability of urban areas to support its growing population and the rapid growth of industrial and technological development have resulted in severe environmental and social problems, such as deterioration in the air quality and environmental pollution. People living in these conditions become increasingly individualistic as they box themselves up in urban buildings and apartments, going through daily routines in poor environmental conditions. The result is the rise of solitary urban dwellers that have lost the ability to be social, depicted here as a lonely, helpless urban man who is forced to wear a mask to survive in a polluted, crowded city.

 The black and white painting depicts a man in a fast field surrounded by mountains of trash filled with technological electronic products. The garbage is so overwhelming and disturbing that the man, -- in the middle of the bursts of “light of modernity” --, have to use a mask to breathe inside.  Painted mas was sitting contemplatively, and his gestures signify that he is trying his hardest to think of a way out to face the threatening reality.
In “Urban Solitary,” Hudi gives a message of awareness that the technology revolution, which has buried our civilisation with a variety of advanced devices (on purpose) forget to account on the negative impact that arises from all of these electronic trashes. Negligence such as this as said by Ibrahim Shaffi, Technical Program Officer for the Secretariat of the Basel Convention: contributes to the scariest global warming on planet earth.
Hudi is a skilled painter who is very good at manipulating his brush. As a result, he can produce various genres of painting and even art styles. He feels his skill is a gift that must be nurtured and shown at the right time. Therefore, in the midst of successfully demonstrating his ability in creating realist paintings with astonishing techniques, Hudi also created semi-abstract and even completely abstract paintings. Interestingly, the themes of his art also revolve around the life of ordinary people. For example, like a table in the corner of a house, a crowded corner of the studio, a neighbouring woman playing the cello, a girl combing her hair, a broken-hearted girl, a field with old tree points, a station interior, and so on.
Hudi quick stroke of brush and palette knife brings a burst of colours on all sides. His ability to paint like an academically trained realist (although Hudi was listed as an autodidact painter), and his visual control to stop at the right stage, resulting in artworks that are precise and measured. Both in the composition of its space and the harmony of its elements.
Hudi Alfa is a painter who has not refrained in the narrow space of art because he always moves freely following his passion. This independence makes him a true artist. Reputable collectors collect Hudi Alfa's artworks in Indonesia and overseas.  His artworks have sold by well-known auction houses like 33 Auction(Singapore, Indonesia), Masterpiece (Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia), Edge Auction (Malaysia) and others.

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