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Land of Hummingbirds

Land of Hummingbirds

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Framed Photography Print

Dimensions: 900mm x 900mm

Many hummingbirds of Ecuador are distinctive because of their bright colors, unique tail feathers, and the shape of their bill. Ecuador holds the world record for the highest number of hummingbirds species, over 132 species are found here. That’s about 40% of all hummingbird species. They can be found in nearly every type of habitat from sea level to the snow capped mountains and in city centers. The most amazing ones occupy the high altitude regions of the Andes right up to the glaciers of 5000 meters. To survive that altitude, those species of colibries (Spanish for hummingbirds) go into a state of torpor at night, diminishing their heart rate and dropping body temperature by 25° Celsius to conserve energy in the cold and often freezing paramo nights.

Photography by Vicky Yeow

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