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Vicky Yeow

Vicky Yeow (Singapore) was an avid traveler and an IT Executive Search professional when she discovered her passion for photography in 2008. By the following year, she became a full time Travel Photographer and has since been organizing and conducting Travel Photography Workshops and Clinics. Leading international teams of amateur as well as professional photographers, she has traveled from The Arctic to The Antarctic and about 40 countries in between. Vicky successfully combined work and passion.

She has been photographing genres across Wildlife, Landscape, Streets, Festivals and “anything which appeals” in the course of her work. Vicky was among the throng of Invited International Press Photographers capturing the Royal Wedding of Bhutan in 2011, after which her article and photos were published in The Readers’ Digest.  In the same year, she was contacted by The Cathay Gallery of Singapore who sponsored an Exhibition featuring a series of her works “The Sadhus of Pashupatinath” which was shot in Nepal. Multiple of Vicky’s works has appeared in some Photography and Travel related Magazines.

Photography opens up a whole new way of looking at life, offers new perspectives and presents unlimited opportunities. Vicky approaches photography with an open mind, unrestricted and mostly ignores standard rules. It is her habit to always use “a lot heart”, always experimenting and exploring new ways to present same subjects in a different manner. Mostly, The Genre which “speaks to her intensely” is Street Photography, which Vicky says is about Photographing Life.

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