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Sung Ae Ri

Sung, Ae Ri 성애리 Ae Ri's paintings embrace the unique beauty of Asian motifs expressed with western techniques. Koi (鯉魚) and Peony (牡丹), two of the most iconic objects that symbolize wealth, prosperity, and abundance in Asian art, are delicately expressed with her unique combination of acrylics and water color. Ae Ri paints Koi (鯉魚) and Peony (牡丹) in one frame to capture each entity's aspiration to another world. Koi and Peony is connected with their common dependence on water for their own survival, yet they are fated to exist in two different worlds --each above water, and under water. As the title of her previous solo exhibition, "Elegant Imagination", suggests, her paintings fully express her own aspirations towards the new world and towards the impossibles. Born and raised in Korea, Ae Ri is an established artist with more than twenty years of experience. She held 45 times of private exhibitions, and was invited to over 200 group exhibitions. She is currently based in Seong Nam, Korea, and frequently travels around for exhibitions.

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