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Samantha Redfern

(b. in United Kingdom, living in Singapore)

After when she graduated in 2004 with a BA Hons in Fine Art, she went into the corporate world. After starting she family, she began to work as a commissioned artist, making cherished, personal artworks of my clients’ children and pets.

She says: “I found this very rewarding, creating an artwork which generated such a personal and emotional response. Now my three children are a little older, I have the time to re-explore my passion for painting.”

She enjoys painting evocative, abstract seascapes capturing movement and atmosphere. She is more recently been inspired to paint the diverse and beautiful botanic, wildlife and nature of Singapore enjoying the variation of colour and form. The tropical Singapore brought a lot of inspiration and happiness to her artworks. She studies shapes of flower, leaves and simply paint with plain white background making a contrast of colourful plants with surroundings.

She also paints an abstractive, sometimes melancholic landscapes on various canvases. 

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