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Diane was born in the Philippines and moved to Singapore at the age of 12. In her teenage years, she found her love for arts. She graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts with the Diploma in Illustration Design with Animation. As she began to explore more into different mediums, she fell in love with abstract painting.

Her style of art was inspired by Aboriginal Art but later on, Diane used this to create her own style of painting which mainly focuses on dotting technique and texture. Her paintings are targeted on different aspects of nature as she is a nature lover which has inspired her to collaborate with theme of nature into her style of art.

Aside from painting, she teaches art to children which also helps her to stay inspired and enriches her creativity with her works. Recently she has worked alongside Rainbow Centre x Accenture as an artist to produce paintings with the students of the centre to auction off and raise money for special needs children.

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