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Sumei Chew

Being an interior landscape designer as well as a nature lover, Sumei is a keen observer of all around her. Seeing beyond the surface into the essence of her subject; her strong bold colored artworks have a unique interpretation embodies almost a certain vibrancy and magnetic energy field. Though most of her previous works are in Acrylics; she is increasing her repertoire to emcompass drawings, watercolors, oils, and mixed media.

A graduate of RMIT Masters Program in Melbourne also means her works leans towards conceptual aspect by engaging her audience with subtle layered views, meanings, and metaphors on all we see around us. The colors she employs also help to add a sense of sublime unity. Each piece feels wholistic balance and works with in any interiors as a focal point.

When we take time to look closer, we realize that her artworks are open to more than 1 interpretation as the viewer bring his/her own interpretation to each piece at different times of their viewing. Hence her works have a sense of timelessness.

With a previous career in interior design, she is especially attuned to be able to discern a piece of artwork can do for the interior of a space. Her attention to line, proportion and color combinations is sophisticated and on point.

Besides designing, painting and teaching, she spends her time volunteering at various NGO and charities. As she has always been drawing and painting for many years; her works are in various private collections in USA, Singapore, Melbourne and Perth.

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