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Best Buddies for Survival

Best Buddies for Survival

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Photography Print on Canvas

Dimensions: 900mm x 900mm

A symbiotic relationship ties them. Simply put, without the zebras, the wildebeest wouldn’t be able to survive. Wildebeest are fussy eaters, they are selective grazers and only feed upon the shorter parts of the grass, while the zebras are bulk grazers who aren’t nearly as picky. As the zebras graze, they essentially act as a lawnmower, cropping the grass and making it palatable for the wildebeest.

Every year there are over 1.5 million wildebeests and hundreds of thousands of zebras in The Great Migration. They are dependent on each other in their journey. The zebra is good at protecting and navigating while the wildebeest have the ability to find the water. A good sense of hearing with swarm intelligence of the Wildebeests compliments the better eyesight and memory of Zebras, they work together to stay out of any danger during their great journey.

Photography by Vicky Yeow

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