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Văn Trọng

Pham Van Trong (born in 1978, lives in Hai Duong, Vietnam). He has a modern, beautiful and sharp drawing style, impressive, drawing style with a folk influence, unexpected structure, giving viewers a new receptivity. His paintings are very abstract/expressive and very strong, and sometimes the texture of paint looks like in Leon Kossoff or Frank Auerbach (Artists of the School of London) painting with extreme impasto( very thick paint). Over the past years, in the Fine Arts exhibitions in Hanoi, there are absent faces of artists depicting expressions, because it is relatively difficult to see, mainly expressing the inner feelings of painter according to the sad direction, viewers are also not easy to detect the beauty hidden behind pictures of this genre. Dare to embark on this path, and painter Pham Van Trong chose for himself a difficult path when his line of paintings showed a demanding receptor, leading to the fact that the number of collectors was minimal, including domestically and internationally. But with his pure and burning passion for this style of expression, Pham Van Trong is confident to continue.
Draw the first painting of the human being by feelings, by thinking, contemplating what in life.

This is what he says about his art:
Draw what you feel, not too fussy and affect the real picture but have to draw things from the heart emitted.
Intuitively draw and paint what you think or say simply I paint myself.

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