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Feng Shui Art – Colours, Symbols, Elements?

Feng Shui Art – Colours, Symbols, Elements?
31 March, 2021

Feng Shui – a system of laws that determine the arrangement and orientation of various items within the building.

Colours and symbols are of absolute importance if you are seeking harmony in your home. Tips not only for our eyes, our souls as well.

In a room where families congregate, it is filled with high yang energy. Chosen piece should seek to reflect these joyous activities. One can further enliven the yang energy with sculptures and figurines of animals, such as elephants (success and abundance), dolphins, birds.

Though, what’s of importance to you at this moment? Finding love? Peace? Wealth? The key here is to make sure the symbols hold resonance to you. Find a subject that you, as an individual will deeply appreciate, that holds both profound meaning and visual appeal.

Swim into success?

If you like to decorate your house with painting of auspicious meaning, Koi is definitely a first contender. Placing Koi at a location diagonally from the main entrance (a wealth corners of the house), or in the south eastern sector of your home (governs your cash flow, creativity and confidence). While hanging, make sure the fishes ‘swim’ into your home and not out of it.

Koi have powerful and energetic life force. Swim against the current like Koi, persevering in the face of adversity, to achieve prosperity, good fortune, success and filled with new opportunities.

Koi Fish

(Check out Ann Chi's piece: Koi Fish)

To take it a notch up, you can opt for 3D Kois as well.