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Key Zhou Xian

Key Zhou (b. in China) Artist mostly inspired by nature, architecture and Asian landscape. His contemporary technique is his understanding of traditional Chinese painting and method (calligraphy). Some of his artworks are bringing the question about his identity, culture and his memory (Brush and Ink ' 2015) also series of paintings called  Jiangnan '2011. His mixed-media nostalgic artworks were bringing the memory of the despairing old Chinese architecture, ceramic vases, furniture. He also focuses on painting flowers then he uses a lot of impastos to create more texture from single long strokes to tinny overwhelming by number strokes. His paintings are more abstract especially when he paints mountains, and he uses thinner fluid paint. 
He graduated in the Art and Design College, Guangzhou University with Art studies. 
"Beauty is a comprehensive way of presentation, so I also hope to express beauty from the perspective of two-dimensional and three-dimensional through my own emotions."
His art works can be portrayed as a sense of uniqueness, creating lively paintings in which viewers can experience the vivid movements created by the artist. 

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