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Jonathan Peh

Jonathan Peh is a Singaporean fine artist and a UI/UX designer, having 11 years of experience in art, design and exhibition curating. He has worked with professional and established artists from various field of art background and art curating, and also, he has worked at an art gallery before and was trained by an industry expert. His strong knowledge in fine arts, not only made him a competent fine artist but also an engaging curator.

Jonathan has exhibited in places like Orchard Ion, ION Art Gallery and ICA Gallery, LASALLE College of the Arts.

Through his works, Jonathan can create a series based on semiotic theory utilizing ink medium and mark-making methods to create atmospheric tensed artworks that play with layered patterns. Focusing on the rotational symmetry of organic forms and distinct patterns to depict the fragility ad ephemerality of life.

His latest work demonstrates experimentation on creating rhythm and movement to capture ink movement and form. The basic intent is to capture the translucent motion of ink form in 2D format, capturing a super flat ink formation, by creating multiple forms using the ink medium. He then filters the ink medium to create a formless effect yet capturing the essence of the ink movement.

Jonathan’s current series focuses on capturing ink splashing motion on a flat surface. As he tries to evoke the feeling of ink mixing with water, he has created works that are either black on black or white on black. 

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