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LivingwithArt Singapore is an art company that offers a wide range of customised art products for interior decoration.

Our Uniqueness lies in the ability to customise the style, dimensions and execution of the artwork to the requirements of your living space. Our art products include hand-drawn wall paintings, art clocks, sculptures and other home accessories.

Our wall paintings consist of a wide range styles such as Fengshui, Abstract, Modern Contemporary, Minimalism, Floral, Nature, and Resort for you to choose them. The sculptures can be created from a selection of metal, acrylic, clay, ceramics or wood.

All art products are created by our in-house artists. Over the last 10 years, we have worked on various commercial and private residential projects, enhancing living spaces. Our artworks have enriched condominium and private showflats, homes and offices.


Artist Profile
"Dreams are just Dreams unless you are willing to go the extra mile and make them real" 10 years of art painting experience, our in-house artist, Wang Miao, has been the master creator of outstanding artworks provided by LivingwithArt Singapore. 
Creating Art Works ranging from Abstract to Realistic Paintings, her forte mainly lies in Feng Shui Art and Floral Paintings. Her ability to produce such delicate and exquisite paintings comes with years of practice, hard-work and patience. 
The road to her dream as an artist was not an easy journey. She almost became an accountant back in her home town, Shandong- Mainland China due to her family objections of her studying Arts. "I dreaded every moment of that few months as an accountant and then I realized I really had to do something about it. "Bringing out her courage and determination, she decided to apply at Shandong University of Arts, a comprehensive arts institution in Shandong Province, in which her lecturer managed to convince her family that it will be a waste if she did not continue to pursue this path. 

Ever since then, she never looked back. After graduating from Shandong University of Arts, she was offered a scholarship with Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) to major in Fine Arts here in Singapore. Upon graduation in 2006, she joined LivingwithArt Singapore as our in-house artist and has completed numerous commissioned residential and commerical projects in Singapore. 
Building on her experiences, Wang Miao produced even more refined and elegant art works subsequently, bringing smiles and compliments from Art Lovers. 
We have utmost confidence in our Artist, as well as producing quality, Customized Art Paintings for you. Contact us for a free consultation and let us beautify your living spaces!